Confinement of Excitations in Spin Chains

Understanding how fast quantum information propagates in a many-body system is of crucial importance from a fundamental point of view as well as for quantum computing applications. Under which conditions a quantum excitation spreads across the entire system or remains confined and thermalizes very slowly? If you want to know the answer, check out our new paper on the arXiv on domain wall confinement in a trapped-ion quantum simulator!

  • Observation of Domain Wall Confinement and Dynamics in a Quantum Simulator: W. L. Tan, P. Becker, F. Liu, G. Pagano, K. S. Collins, A. De, L. Feng, H. B. Kaplan, A. Kyprianidis, R. Lundgren, W. Morong, S. Whitsitt, A. V. Gorshkov, C. Monroe, arXiv:1912.11117 (2019)

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