Open Positions

We are looking for motivated, enthusiastic and talented scientists to join our team!

Postdoctoral fellows: 
There is one position available starting from May 2020 on the trapped-ion quantum information project. Potential candidates are encouraged to reach out informally first by contacting Guido by email.

Graduate students: 
There are positions available for perspective or current students starting from June 2020. Please don’t hesitate to contact Guido by email for any question or more details!

Master’s thesis/Research internships for international visiting students:
We have interesting projects suitable for conducting a Master/Diploma thesis or research internships. International students interested should simply write an email and also visit this link for details on summer visiting sessions. We specifically encourage international students interested in conducting multi-month research projects, for example for a thesis, to reach out.

Undergraduate students from Physics, Engineering and Computer Science are welcome to join the lab! Typical projects might include:

  • Design (take a look at Eagle) and assembly of electronics boards.
  • Design and construction of laser systems.
  • Design (start playing with Onshape online) and Assembly of vacuum and UHV systems.
  • FPGA programming and python coding (see this GitHub repository)
  • Anything fun and creative that we can agree on!